Maria-Adelina RIVAS, de nationalité colombienne, venue compléter ses études à Grenoble dans la spécialité Systems, Control and Information Technology du Master, est engagée dans une thèse chez Renault à la recherche de moteurs plus performants et moins polluants.
« After finishing electronics engineering in Colombia, I was looking for a more specialized formation on automation and control applied to the industry, for this reason I joined the Systems, Control and Information Technology master at Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble and I did my internship in GIPSA lab in a project related to engine’s air path control. Following this studies, I was offered to start a thesis on engine’s combusion control at Université de Grenoble. Now I am doing my thesis in Renault Technocenter in Guyancourt and in GIPSA lab in Grenoble. I apply advanced modelling and control strategies to design more efficient and less pollutant engines »
Mis à jour le  24 novembre 2016